Website Advice

Reputation Management : Stever Robbins, The Get It Done Guy, explains why little things like punctuation count.

17 Website Design Mistakes to Avoid : This short list keeps your focus on your visitors and proving that you can solve their problem.

Web Pages that Suck : This is an update of a classic site. It shows some of the worst web pages since 1996 so you can learn from their mistakes. It also has a checklist to help you make web pages that don’t suck.

Responsive Design Definition and Video : Responsive design is one way to make the same site work for a wide variety of devices, from cell phones to desktops. Behind the scenes, the code says, “if the screen is large, use a larger picture, move this to the side, and make the full menu visible immediately.” Responsive design is a good choice for most sites. Design it for the smallest screen, and then say to spread things out if the screen is larger. Search engines cannot complain that you show different content to different devices; it’s all the same content, just formatted differently.