As of May 2015, I start with a free 30-minute consultation, then charge $30 per hour, minimum 15 minute block.

A typical site on your own host takes 15 hours, for $450. Discounts are available one of the stages will take less time.

  • 5 hours discussions, including visual theme, organization, and advice on content.
  • 5 hours programming, enough for a site similar to one I have done before.
  • 5 hours focused training and/or content entry.

A free site on takes much less programming, but the organizing, content creation and training take just as long.

I charge full-time if I am actively teaching, and half-time to be available while you practice, provided I can work on other projects at the same time. Training can be in person or by sharing a screen over the internet, although that does not work as well. (Windows only.)

Most sites require 1 hour of content updating every few months, which you can do yourself. This is usually announcements, pictures, and converting future events to reports on past events.

Simple software updates are free for a year unless there are problems, then $30 per year thereafter. WordPress is an established system. Simple updates are common, but complex updates are rare.