Sandra Schoen

Current Positions

Guelph Needlecraft Guild

  • Education Convener, responsible for selecting and organizing 20 classes each year, and registering members into classes they select.
  • Teacher, Website Administrator, former Publicity Co-ordinator.

Guelph Guild of Storytellers

  • Teller, Publicity Co-ordinator, Website Administrator.

Baden Storytellers’ Guild

  • Teller, Website Administrator.


  • Storytelling
  • Knitting (studying for Knitting Masters)
  • Singing (Passed Voice Grade 5 and Advanced Rudiments of Theory)
  • Shorthand (40 words per minute)
  • Computers, including website design and maintenance

Paid Employment

  • As QA Manager for Canada Alloy Castings (maker of 20 to 20,000 pound steel castings, custom-made for pulp and paper, and hydro-electric plants)L
    • Researched, improved, documented, and maintained QA system for foundry. Achieved ISO-9002 registration, involving over 500 pages of interconnected procedures.
    • Reviewed contracts and related specifications for 20 to 20,000 pound steel castings, custom-made for pulp and paper, and hydro-electric plants.
    • Approved shop instructions and final QA documentation to ensure we would meet the customers’ requirements. Contacted customers when necessary for clarification or contract changes.
    • Received, researched, and resolved customer complaints, focusing on customer using the casting with minimal delay.
  • As Engineering Co-Op Student:
    • Coordinated review of Safety Report for Bruce B Nuclear Station.
    • Wrote program for advanced process control lab assignment, using new method. We were the only team that did not have to stop the control program to change the control settings.

Paid Positions and Employers

  • Canada Alloy Castings, Quality Assurance Manager, 1994-1997
  • Safety-Kleen Canada, Shipping and Receiving Secretary and
    Assistant to the Health and Safety Manager
    (Contract position through Kelly Services), 1992-1993
  • Engineering Co-op Student, University of Waterloo, 1986-1991
  • Girl Guides of Canada, Leader, Site Guider-in-Charge, Junior Leader, (Earned Ranger Camp Leadership Certificate (1987), and Leadership Development Plan Phase 2 (1993))


  • P.Eng. Ontario Licence, 1998, currently on indefinite parental leave
  • B.A.Sc., Chemical Engineering, 1991, University of Waterloo