Did you know that visitors to your website have a problem they want solved and questions they want answered? Did you know they want to work with people they are comfortable with?

They want to improve their skills. Can you work with someone at their level to improve meet their goals? They want a social group. Does yours fit their schedule and match their interests and personality? They want to find an author represent. Do you have books in their field that they can sell? Will you do your share of the work? They want an editor who will help them polish impress their audience. Will you do that and still respect their voice and knowledge of their customers?

You have four paragraphs to convince them that you can solve their problem, before they click to your competition.

Just like a good brochure or a good resume, a good website will prove that you can solve their problem, and related problems they haven’t thought of. It shows them that you will work well with them, and makes it easy for them to find and contact you.

I design simple sites that focus on content, not bling, and are easy for you to update and organize. Simplicity also keeps your costs down, although I can do complex sites if you want.

My favourite program is WordPress, which is used by over 60 million sites. I design a theme — the colours and parts that stay the same on all pages. You enter your content, similar to using a word processor. (I can help you write content, or recommend a colleague.) WordPress then combines theme and content, and shows the result to your visitor. It comes with mobile phone accessibility and search engine optimization (SEO) built-in. (The technology for search engine optimization is there. You still need to provide content to be searched.)

You will own the website and can override anything I do. If we part company, you will already have everything your next webmaster will need to make an easy transition.

Please contact me, so we can work together to convince your visitors that they want to work with you to solve their problem. I am in Guelph, Ontario, near Kitchener-Waterloo and Cambridge.

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